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Cane 2.0: The Tacit Is Hand-Mounted Sonar For The Vision Impaired
haptic_glove_smEvery once in a while you see an invention that seems a long time coming. The Tacit, a hand-mounted system that pings surroundings and transmits distance information to the user, is one of those. While the reliable white cane and occasional accommodations for the blind and vision impaired ameliorate the difficulty of navigating the world sans sight, technological advances that are both useful and ready for deployment are few and far between. We've seen a lot of research into artificial vision systems, and there are often hacked-together projects by people personally concerned with issues like vision or mobility — we've seen a Kinect-powered navigation system, the Eyewriter, and Ken Yankelvitz's paraplegic-accessible controllers. This project is an amazing example of what one guy can do with a soldering iron, some off-the-shelf parts, and an inventive mind. Did I mention it's open source, and only costs around $100 to make?

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/dp9jBTwQTc0/


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